Intelligence Luminescent

NEW PIGMENT D50 = 26 um

New Pigment

- Excellent Luminance

- Better dispersion

- Less roughness

- The application will be better with less product

About us


Evoluzion for more than 20 years, has been dedicated to the research, production and marketing of photoluminescent products and raw materials.

One of our main products is the photoluminescent pigment, which absorbs and stores light energy when exposed to a light source (daytime or electric).

Then it lasts in the dark for a long period of time; they can be reused countless times.

The product is not radioactive or toxic and can be mixed as an additive with transparent products such as printing ink, paint, plastic, printing paste, ceramic, glass, etc ... to glow in the dark.


We have all the certificates of REACH, non-toxicity, non-radioactivity, European certificate, particle size certificate and luminescence certificate.


Agile response and professional service


Chemically specialized assistance


Highly qualified technical and management staff


Satisfy the specific and / or special needs of customers


Luminescent (photoluminescent)

Luminescent (photoluminescent)

Other products

Other products

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Evoluzion photoluminescent products are used in countless places, such as:

Tunnels, Supermarkets, Gyms, Subways, Underground Parking, Offices and Public places


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